Our investors

What we are looking for in our investors; We have formulated a plan that for every 25k invested there will be a guaranteed payment of 10k back every year for 3 years with no extra bills to be paid. Should the horses in training return some prize money that is paid as a dividend at the end of the year and the same with any foal’s broodmares ect from private sale or through the ring.

How we worked this out


I know a minimum of 5k return on a 3 year investment doesn’t sound like it’s going to make you rich let’s be honest it’s not, but the potential if one or two of these horses hit the big stage will be considerably more and let’s be frank that’s 20 percent return on your investment guaranteed. I don’t think any bank is currently offering those kind of rates and the days out for the family and memory’s you make along the way.

We are not selling a golden goose

This is by no means a get rich quick scheme, it needs hard work, lots of investment time and skill but we know we have the skill set in place already to make this a very profitable business for all of us invested.

L Egerton Racing

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