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Fancy owning a racehorse?


Becoming a racehorse owner gives you the chance to be part of the racing fraternity, meet new people and share the experience with friends and family.


Ownership doesn't just involve going to the races, you can join us on the gallops and visit the horses in the yard – don’t forget to bring the carrots!!


Going to the races to see your horse in the paddock and talk to your jockey is a great day out, especially if it wins!


Whether you own a 'leg' or a whole horse, nothing beats the thrill of seeing your horse pass the post in your colours!


When choosing your racehorse there are a few different options, Lucy can help find you the right horse. You can join her at the sales or she will find one to buy privately.

There are many different ways to own a racehorse depending on what you can afford and the amount of involvement you would like. We can offer a range of shares from as little as 1/10th shares, and different payment options to suit your needs.


As an owner you can design and register your own colours with the BHR.

Click on the link to start designing your own colours.




Racing Clubs


We can offer membership in both the Reassuringly Racy Club and Northern Belles Racing Club, whereby you will receive the benefits of ownership without registering as a racehorse owner yourself. Membership will involve an annual subscription, but also include a share of the prize money.

Racing Clubs have become a very popular way of having a taste of the racing world, watching your horse in the paddock, talking to your jockey and of course, not forgetting the addrenalin rush of your horse crossing the line first. By becoming a member of a racing club you receive all the benefits of that club but you are not entering into racehorse ownership yourself.

Different Options of Ownership (Information courtesy of ROA)


Sole Ownership

You will own 100% of the horse and it will run in your name and in your colours. Any costs or profits will be yours alone.

Other benefits of becoming an owner include:

  • The initial purchase of your horse (At the sales or privately)

  • If un-named, choosing a suitable name for your horse

  • Choosing your own personal racing colours

  • Visiting the yard to see your horse

  • Liaising with the trainer to discuss your horses' future plans

  • Watching your horse working on the gallops

  • Complimentary owners' badges when your horse runs

  • Attending the paddock area when your horse is running and discussing their race with the trainer and jockey

  • Photographs and videos if your horse wins


Did you know?

Owners that secure sponsorship for their horses can register for and reclaim VAT on training costs. If 100% of a horse is owned by an ROA member then the ROA will sponsor your horse allowing you to reclaim £000's per year.



Co-ownership of a racehorse involves the participation of more than one owner and is an extremely cost effective way of ownership. Whether you choose to get involved as a group of friends or wish to have a share or shares, no matter how large or small there are 4 types of co-ownership:


Racing Partnership 

A Partnership can consist of between 2 and 20 individuals of which at least 2 must become, or already be, registered owners. The two registered owners will be known as the Nominated Partners and they will be responsible for the administration for the partnership.


Did you know?If you are one of two Nominated Partners in a Registered Partnership you may be eligible to join the Racecourse Badge Scheme for Owners which allows free entry to over 1,200 fixtures this year



Leasing involves ownership of a racehorse for a set period of time. Costs that the horse incurs become the responsibility of the lessee for the lease period and in return the horse will run under the ownership of the lessee.At the end of the lease agreement the ownership of the horse returns to the lessor/the legal owner.It is important that an agreement is made between the lessor and lessee with regard to the lease period, prize money split, if any, and any exceptional costs that may remain the lessor’s during the period.


Joint Ownership

This form of ownership can consist of between 2 and 12 individuals. Each person will need to be a registered owner. The percentage of the horse(s) owned will be registered against each individual's name. The horse(s) can run in either a joint ownership's name or in the name of one of the owners.


Did you know?If you are part of a Joint Ownership and an ROA member then you will automatically be covered by our Third party Liability Insurance for your share of the horse(s) owned.


Company Ownership

The horse will be in the sole ownership of the company and the company's shareholders. The company must appoint a Registered Agent to act on its behalf.


Did you know?

If your horse is registered in your Company's name it may be more beneficial for the Company to join the ROA so that you benefit from the 20% discount on registration fees. If a Company joins the ROA this still counts as one membership and you will receive one of every benefit of membership.



Racehorse Owners Association -www.racehorseowners.net


ROA Owners Jackpot


The ROA Owners Jackpot, in association with the Racing Post, gives members the opportunity to win up to £10,000 at 12 fixtures throughout 2015 - on top of their winning prize-money.

At each meeting a Jackpot fund of £10,000 will be divided between the owners of qualifying horses with winners on the day.

If only one ROA member’s horse wins, they get all £10,000; but a minimum prize of £1,500 is guaranteed even if all of the races at a fixture are won by horses belonging to members.

Is your horse eligible to win the Jackpot?

  • Is the horse registered in your Sole Ownership, and are you a member of the ROA?

  • Is the horse registered at least 51% in the ownership of ROA members?

  • Is the horse registered in the ownership of a Racing Partnership, where both Nominated Partners are members of the ROA?

See here for more details:www.racehorseowners.net/en/roa-jackpot/index.cfm

ROA Guide to Racehorse Ownership -

Training Costs


There are two options:

A weekly training fee with additional extras and Weatherbys racings costs.


Racing Club offering a one-off payment per year but you do not own the horse.


Weekly Training Fee

Full Training - £245 per week on (£35 per day)

Walker - £180 per week

Box rest/foaled yard - £125 per week 
Grass - £85 per week 

Plus extras - your share percentage of -

  •    Farrier - £80 (every 4 weeks)

  •    Transport - 70p per mile 

  •    Racing Overtime - Stable Staff & Wagon Driver: £8 per hour outside of usual working hours to be split between the horses racing. 

  •    Amateur Jockey Fees per ride - £100

  •    Wormers - £10-20 (every 6 weeks/As required)

  •    Feed Supplements - £30/40 per month (as necessary)

  •    Vet

  •    Dentist - £55 (as necessary)

  •    Physiotherapist - £60 - £200 (as necessary)

  •    Racecourse Gallop - £30 per horse

  •    Gallops – 

      Tim Fitzgerald’s £15 per horse/per visit.

      Malton Gallops – £35 Per horse/per visit (TBC committee changing)


All Charges are subject to VAT

You will be sent an itemised bill each month


This does not include Weatherby’s fees (Racing: Entries/Jockeys and Gallops).

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